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Key Attributes Of A Prospective Student/Family

Family Finances

  1. A family who would receive no financial aid but feel an international education  would be an excellent option for their child.

  2. A family who would receive financial aid but would still have annual costs exceeding $25,000 per year. Typically earning in the $85,000 - $175,000 range annually.

  3. A family who cannot afford more than $15,000 annually for College and whose child would probably end up not going to college or attending a junior college instead.


  1. A Student who is mentally mature enough to handle being away from home in a foreign country.

  2. A student who speaks a foreign language (French, German, Italian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch).  Being fluent or mostly fluent in one of these languages will dramatically reduce the cost of your education and provide you with a much larger group of matching schools. 

  3. Please note there are many English speaking schools but they tend to have higher GPA requirements and typically have higher costs.  These costs are usually still lower than in the USA.

  4. A student who has at least a C average in high school.  Obviously, higher grades = more options = lower costs.

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